Floral Park – A Brief History

Considered to be one of Orange County’s most established neighborhoods, Floral Park is a prestigious gem located in the city of Santa Ana. Once covered in orange, avocado, and walnut groves, the area is now known for its distinctive and diverse architecture. The neighborhood truly started to blossom after World War I at the advent…

Historic French Park Home For Sale

Do you long for a historic home that brings a special character, panache and bespoke quality to your life? A home with storied past, that’s an even better storyteller than you are? If so, we’ve got great news for you! A historic masterpiece just hit the market in Historic French Park. This Victorian 19th-century mansion…

The Champion of Floral Park

Roy Russell (1881-1965) was one of prominent builders and developers in Santa Ana in the late 1920’s and 1930’s. The man is credited for picking up where the iconic Allison Horner left off and continued developing the groves of Floral Park. One of his first projects was his 1928 subdivision of Victoria Drive, which lies…

Santa Ana’s Richest Resident

Ever wondered who’s the wealthiest of them all? We’ve got the goods: Sir Yeshwant Holkar, The Maharaja of Indore, whose fortress stands proudly in Floral Park. Wait, let’s backtrack – What/who the hell is The Maharaja of Indore, in the first place? The Maharaja of Indore were members of The Holkar dynasty which was a…

The simplest explanation of the Mills Act?

When purchasing Historic Homes, you most certainly will come across the term “Mills Act.” What is this mysterious piece of legislation and what does it mean to you? Read on! Simply put, the Mills Act presents a huge tax saving for those who purchase a Historic Home. The Mills Act grants property tax relief for…


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