Molly Hannula

Marketing Director

Molly Hannula

Molly Hannula

Marketing Director / calBRE #

Putting our best foot forward with you begins with Molly’s marketing savvy and eye for design. Molly gets it: in our world today, first impressions are everything and can be the ‘make or break’ when you’re deciding if you want to work with us.  She’s someone who knows how to set our standards really high, while also keepin’ it real. When the rubber hits the road as it always does in this business, Molly really shows what she’s made of – always with a touch of snide humor –  and we all love her for it.  You will too!


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North Seventeen Real Estate is a different kind of boutique brokerage. Based in Orange County with roots in Los Angeles, our DNA brings together inspired design, decades of experience and white glove service for a uniquely innovative, client-focused approach.

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