Jesse Solorio

Ernie helped us buy a house in January 2018. It was our first home and my fiancé and I were pretty clueless about the process. Ernie sat down with us and explained how everything worked. Once we were ready to start looking, we sent Ernie all of our “potentials” and we’d schedule a viewing. Regardless of time or day, Ernie was there with us to see the house and to offer his professional opinion as well as communicate with the listing agent if we were interested. He kept us in the loop at all times and went out of his way to make sure we had all the necessary information before making our decision. You want Ernie in your corner because he will fight for you. When you’re making a life-changing decision like buying a home, you want someone who cares and who will be there for you along the way. Buying a home is not easy but Ernie made it easier.

Fiona Zeng

Working with Ernie and his team to close a transaction has been my pleasure. I was the selling agent representing the buyer, and Ernie was the listing agent representing the seller. First, I’ve never seen a team so organized and efficient in delivering all documents. And then, when there was an issue that HOA refused to give the lender what they asked for, Ernie was trying his very best to solve the problem that seemed impossible to be solved. He saved the escrow on the last day, and I gave him full credit. If you are looking for an agent to represent you, you can count on Ernie. He is very experienced, professional, and positive and never gives up. I’m so glad I did the escrow with him, and I wish him and his team all the success in the future!

Kevin Kunde

I have known Ernie and his team personally and professionally for over ten years. He has handled a few of my personal real estate transactions. Above that, Ernie is my go-to person whenever a client requests a referral. As an attorney, my clients will occasionally ask if I know any good real estate agents/brokers. Without hesitation, I refer them to Ernie as he is honest, hard-working, communicative, and trustworthy. As a professional, I know whoever I refer to for services is a reflection upon myself. Knowing this, Ernie is simply the best real broker I have seen in Southern California.

Tiffany Cazares

My husband and I were first-time home buyers and didn't know much about how the home-buying process. Well, Ernie made things very easy for us to understand and was very helpful through the entire process. He is very knowledgeable in the entire process and was very professional throughout our home-buying experience. I definitely would recommend him to anyone who is looking to make buying a great, stress-free experience.

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